Ritmo Celoso – Tru Musica PDC2017

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RELEASE DATE 2016-12-19
LABELS Tru Musica


Tru Musica presents PDC 2017 featuring 19 tracks from the music purveyors of the future. The labels third album is dedicated to the ‘Underground’ which has taken over the Mayan paradise for the past 10 years.
While Ibiza is known for its nightlife in paradise, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico has begun to receive the same attention, largely in part to the BPM Festival which is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary.
This Compilation features music by Alex Peace, Alex Petrou, Barantagous, Ben Archuleta Blu 9, Brian Boncher, Dangerouz, Jon Kennedy, Kidd Wrek, Lazcaux, Martin EZ, MnCve, Nevalu, Rubb Sound System, Sprinkles & Twitchin Skratch.